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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela


Our journey

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2018 by Dean Ferreira, a veteran in the conservation and environmental sector. Dean early on recognized that conservationists and environmentalists need more than passion and technical knowledge to be competent and effective. Originally known as the Greener Futures Academy (GFA), we set up to provide practical workplace mentorship and targeted skills development program for students in their final year of obtaining a National Diploma in Nature Conservation and Environmental Management.

While the sector is definitely benefitting from new talents, we soon discovered that effective leaders are needed to improve and expand the sector. These “green leaders” are needed to create more meaningful employment, inspire talents to remain in the sector, and rally more support among local communities, politicians and businesses.   

At the same time, we uncovered stories of individuals facing real-life struggles due to the nature and/or situation of their work and personal life. The organisation began to raise public awareness to highlight the plights of these individuals, as well as solicit and administer the support received. Our campaigns thus far rallied around securing equipment and accommodation for ‘Juliet Crew’, as well as seeking meaningful alternative job opportunities for ‘Off-duty Firefighters’.

As GFA outgrew it’s originally purpose the organisation has expanded its vision and mission and were renamed in 2021 to the Greener Futures Foundation (GFF) in 2021..



Greener Futures Foundation’s (GFF) vision is to develop “green leaders”; effective leaders in the environmental and conservation sector who are able to create large scale impact in preserving and conserving our natural environment and biodiversity.


Green Experiential Leadership Program (GELP)

To identify individuals in the environmental and conservation sector who have displayed leadership potential, and enable them to step into leadership positions through a proprietary leadership program, we call Green Experiential Leadership Program (GELP). Trainees will put their leadership skills into practice in real-life tasks and/or simulated scenarios.

Green Network (GN)

Endeavour to build an active network of environmentalists and conservationists (public organizations, corporate owners and/or senior managers, green crews from all levels, academia etc.), advocate succession planning and mentorship, as well as continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Leveraging on the network, GFF will also gather allies for the vision, who will help clarify the needs of the industry, provide feedback on the effectiveness of GFF’s activities and help identify potential leaders for GFF’s leadership programs.

Green Care (GC)

Advocate for the care of individuals in the environmental and conservation sector who face real-life struggles due to the nature and/or situation of their work. GFF will raise awareness of the conditions and plights faced by them, as well as solicit and administers the support received. Through this, GFF believes it will help retain more talent within the sector, of which some may step into critical leadership positions making greater impacts in the future.


   Years of Business Management Experience

  We are partnered with NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd, which has over 45 years of combined business management experience in the Environmental & Conservation sectors.

 100+ Years of

   combined Nature Conservation Experience

  We have a strong team who are committed to delivering a quality program to our students and services to our partner organisations.



Dean Ferreira

Dean Ferreira is the Managing Director of NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd, he specialises in the development of Integrated Wildfire and Environmental Management Plans and the compilation of Environmental Policies and related documentation for National, Provincial and Local Government institutions, corporate bodies and individual landowners. As a passionate firefighter you will often find him alongside his colleagues putting out wildland fires.

“I have a passion for the next generation of environmentalists/conservators. I believe that they need to take the baton from the current group of passionate people and to enhance the effort these individuals have made, by forging their own path in ensuring real growth for people, planet and business.

I see GFF making a positive contribution in increasing the competence of environmental and conservation leadership. Allowing individuals to learn from others (their mistakes too) so that they can go forth and try new things so that their efforts are best for the environment, people and business.”

Kirsten Gerber

Kirsten Gerber, a producer at Fell and Company has a love for design, dealing with people and creative expression. She now manages a team of creatives and clients that focus on storytelling content – specifically, on developing and producing content with purpose. Her involvement with the Juliet Crew started in early 2020 when she co-directed and produced a short film titled ‘Her Way’, celebrating strong female stories.

“I see GFF producing future leaders who have a strong enough foundation that they become a catalyst for change in their own right.”

Christa von la Chevallerie

Christa von la Chevallerie grows some of the best and most sought-after Chenin Blanc in the Swartland. Owner and winemaker of Huis van Chevallerie, situated in the picturesque foothills of the Paardeberg Mountain.

“Like the young vines that need training and pruning, new conservation leaders can realize their best potential if given an environment where they can thrive in, a place where they can find mentorship and guidance. I hope to see organisations who have a passion in developing leaders in conservation, to join GFF in our vision for a greener future.”

Augustine Morkel

Augustine Morkel is a conservation professional with a 24 year career working as leader in SANParks, SANBI and WWF. Augustine has BTech degree in Nature Conservation, an MBA degree (Milpark Business School) and is currently busy with his PHD (UCT GSB) focused on the question: What does success look like for NPOs?   

“I am excited at the possibilities for GFF to revolutionise leadership development and leadership capacity in all organisations, private, public and non-profit, who work to have a significant impact in South Africa’s regenerative future. Only good leaders can change the world. GFF is positioning to groom great leaders.”

Don Tooth

Don Tooth retired as Managing Director of Anglo American Farms (AAF) in January 2021 after spending twenty-one years at the helm of this diversified agri-food business. Under his Leadership Vergelegen completed the largest private environmental project in South Africa and in partnership with Cape Nature have declared two thirds of the estate a Private Nature Reserve with the same level of protection as the Kruger National Park.

“I see GFF becoming acknowledged, by recognised Conservation bodies – both locally and internationally – as THE conservation model for the creation and development of South Africa’s future generation of leaders in the conservation field.”

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